• : Sawyer 115, MS 1: London, British Library, Cotton Vespasian B. xxiv
  • : Evesham
  • : Gloucestershire
  • : Donnington
  • : 1

Ðys sind þa landegemæra into dunnestreattunne ·

Of dunne dic into þam fox hole · of ðam fox hole into <ŧ> oðer clif · big þam clife to þere blinde ƿwylle · of þere blinde ƿwylle innon þane stan · of þam stane to þam heafde · big þam heafde to ðere fureh · æfter ðere fureh into horsen dunes slead · of horsen dunes slead innon hæssuc mor · of hæssuc more innon ðere ende fureh · of þere ende fureh in cærs ƿwylle · æfter cærs ƿwylles sice innon hæn streat · of þam1 streate to þam tƿwam stane · of þam tƿwam stane innon grene beorhes sice · of þam sice to þam hæðe · of þam hæðe innon heaðeboldes þorn · of heaðeboldes þorne innon meoson more · of meoson more to gices dic · of gices dic innon bladene · of bladene innon eoƿwn ilade · of eoƿwn ilade up on ðene hæð · ofer ðene hæð innon þam sand seaðe · of þam sand seaðe innon dunnes sleade of dunnes sleade up on at hylle · of at hylle innon ðere bytme · of þere bytme in foss · æfter foss to þam heafod stocce · of þam stocce innon mor dene · of mor dene innon þere salt stret · of ðere salt strete to þam heafodlonde · of þam heafodlonde innon dunnen cumbe · of dunnen cumbe innon dunnen dic · of dunnen dic in tƿwise beorge · of tƿwise beorhge in hrisc pyt · of hrisc pytte into ðere dic · of ðere dic innon ƿwude ƿweig · of ƿwude ƿweige innon <ŧ> ea denn · of þam ea denne æft in dunne dic ·


This is the same abbreviation stroke as is used elsewhere for 'm' suspension, so 'm' is probably intended by the scribe despite the case