The following table represents Sawyer numbers which have either been reallocated between the 1968 hardback version of Sawyer and the current Electronic Sawyer (eSawyer), or which, for various reasons, have been allocated a different number in LangScape:

Hardback Sawyer Revised eSawyerLangScape
14511450See below
386386L386 and L386(2)
14501450L1450(1), L1450(2-3) and L1450(4)

There are also many cases where manuscripts formerly listed in hardback Sawyer under one Sawyer number have subsequently been associated with another; details of these can be found by clicking ‘View LangScape Notes’ from the Text Displays.

Note: S214 does not contain bounds pace eSawyer. It is instead a very interesting list of appurtenant ‘wic’s etc. but is not included in the LangScape database.