Abbreviations used on the LangScape website
ASChartersThe series of publications in the British Academy Anglo-Saxon Charters series (this is followed by the name of the archive: e.g. ASCharters Rochester for 'Charters of Rochester')
B, BirchBirch, W. de Gray, Cartularium Saxonicum, 3 vols., London 1885–1899
BT, Bosworth-TollerJ. Bosworth & T. N. Toller, An Anglo-Saxon Dictionary, Oxford 1882-98
CDEPNV. Watts, The Cambridge Dictionary of English Place-Names, Cambridge 2004
CH, Clark HallJ. R. Clark Hall, suppl. H. D. Meritt, A Concise Anglo-Saxon Dictionary, 4th ed., Cambridge 1960
DEPNE. Ekwall, The Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Place-Names, 4th ed., Oxford 1960
DOEThe Dictionary of Old English, Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Toronto
DOEListThis refers to a list of headwords kindly provided to us by the DOE (see above); it lists the headword-forms likely to be used in the Dictionary's forthcoming publications
EPNS, PNThe series of publications of the English Place-Name Society (this is followed by the name of the County: e.g. EPNS Berkshire or PN Berkshire)
ERNE. Ekwall, English River-Names, Oxford 1928
eSawyerThe Electronic Sawyer
Gelling&ColeM. Gelling & A. Cole, The Landscape of Place-Names, Stamford 2000
HookeThe series of publications by Della Hooke (these are cited as, e.g., ‘Hooke, Worcestershire Anglo-Saxon Charter Bounds’ in the Variant Readings sections of the Semi-diplomatic Text Displays; details can be found in eSawyer Bibliography
JEPNThe Journal of the English Place-Name Society
KPNJ. K. Wallenberg, Kentish Place-Names, Uppsala, 1931
LNoLangScape number (the LangScape classification of boundary clauses)
MEMiddle English
NottsListThis refers to a list of place-name elements kindly provided to us by the Institute for Name Studies, and which contains place-name elements which are likely to occur as headwords in forthcoming volumes of the Vocabulary of English Place-Names
OEOld English
P, PelteretD.A.E. Pelteret, Catalogue of Post-Conquest Vernacular Documents, Woodbridge, 1990
PASEThe Prosopography of Anglo-Saxon England
PnElA. H. Smith, English Place-Name Elements, 2 vols., Cambridge 1956
RedinM. Redin, Studies on Uncompounded Personal Names in Old English, Uppsala 1919
S, SawyerP. H. Sawyer, Anglo-Saxon Charters: an Annotated List and Bibliography, London 1968 (cited by number - e.g. S597)
SmithElA. H. Smith, English Place-Name Elements, 2 vols., Cambridge 1956
TOEThe Thesaurus of Old English, University of Glasgow
von FeilitzenO. von Feilitzen, The Pre-Conquest Personal-Names of Domesday Book, Nomina Germanica 3, Uppsala 1937
VEPNDavid Parsons & Tania Styles, The Vocabulary of English Place-Names, EPNS 1997-

Note: in the informal notes made whilst working on the material, abbreviations were used in an ad hoc way. We have decided to make these informal notes available on the website (see, for example, under ‘View LangScape Notes’ in the Text Displays and ‘Comments’ in the Glossaries). Many of the abbreviations, together with abbreviations used in the Variant Readings section of our Semi-diplomatic Text Displays match those found in the appropriate entry in eSawyer’s Bibliography.