Project Director

  • Professor Dame Janet Nelson

Research Team

  • Joy Jenkyns (Senior Researcher)
  • Peter Stokes (Research Associate and Database-related development)

Technical Research Development

  • Professor Harold Short (Technical Research Director)

Database Team

  • John Bradley (Technical supervision of all database-related work, including web access)
  • Gerhard Brey (Technical supervision, database related support, and adaption of TextStat software)
  • Elliot Hall (Database and web application development)

Data Visualisation Team

  • Martyn Jessop (Supervision of all data visualisation work)
  • Hafed Walda (Data visualisation development)

XML Team

  • Arianna Ciula (Initial web development)
  • Eleonora Litta Modignani Picozzi (XML encoding)
  • Elena Pierazzo (Lead XML analyst)
  • Lucas Sekula (XML encoding)
  • Paul Spence (Supervision of all work related to the XML-driven parts of the web development)
  • Faye Thompson (XML encoding)
  • Paul Vetch (Technical supervision of web publication: interface and visual design)
  • José Miguel Vieira (XML web application development)

International Advisory Committee

  • Dr Rosamund Faith
  • Dr Mechthild Gretsch
  • Prof. Toni Healey
  • Prof. John Hines
  • Dr Della Hooke
  • Dr Carole Hough
  • Prof. Simon Keynes
  • Dr David Parsons
  • Dr Rebecca Rushforth