Free Text Search allows you to explore the wording of the texts themselves, as opposed to searching by LangScape headword. This facility is at an early stage of development. Users are particularly warned that Search results will include material from all the texts and all their variants and thus come from a wide range of manuscript dates and Archive locations; the resultant plots need to be viewed with an extreme degree of caution.

For Old English special characters, type as follows:

  • "A" for Æ|æ (ash)
  • "T" for Þ|þ (thorn)
  • "D" for Ð|ð (eth)
  • "W" for Ƿ|ƿ (wynn)
  • "X" for <Ŧ>that|<Ŧ>that (crossed thorn)
  • "g" for <3>3 (yogh)

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