Browse Headwords

Browse Headwords gives an overview of the material via the LangScape Glossaries. These comprise all the headwords we have used in lemmatising the corpus of Anglo-Saxon boundary clauses. You can move directly from a headword in the Glossary to a concordance of this term ordered by County and Estate and from there to the full texts.

Headwords can be selected from:

  • General Glossary
  • Glossary of Personal Names
  • Glossary of Latin terms
  • Glossary of Place and River Names

and are displayed in KWIC format.

Note: Headwords which appear in grey and do not have links represent words which which have been provisionally assigned to a form occurring within the boundaries corpus; however, the text(s) in which this form occurs have not yet been marked up in XML.

Search Headwords

Search Headwords provides a customisable search tool. It allows a wider range of fields to be displayed and the selection of sub-categories within Personal Names and Place Names. You can also order the search results and view the location of the bounds on Google Maps.